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2021 Quarter 4 Newsletter 2021 年第 4 季度通讯

Administration and Personnel Department, Dongguan Offices

行政及人事部, 东莞分部

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I believe that attitude determines everything, and those who are fit to do things, are those who have a board!

1. What coincidence made you start working in Milton?

In July 2017, I was finally able to adapt to Dongguan, a completely new city with no friends and no relatives to me, and start a new career. It was raining heavily on the day of my interview for Milton, my clothes and shoes were wet, and I doubted that I could perform well in my interview in such conditions. However, as soon as I stepped into the Milton office, everything went smoothly! On that day, I had received kindness from the interviewer, Louisa. Although she was a native Cantonese speaker her Mandarin was really fluent too. Now, it's been nearly 4.5 years since I received Milton's offer, and I still can't forget the bright smile my boss, Louisa gave me.


I didn't hesitate to accept Milton’s offer because I felt it was the brightest day of sunshine inside me after coming to Dongguan!

1. 什么机缘巧合让你开始进入万通工作?




In the summer of 2012, I stepped out of Anhui University of Finance and Economics and began to pursue my career with a sincere heart. The starting point of my career was Nanjing, the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, a city that I am still very much attached to! Fortunately, at there I met most kind and enthusiastic colleagues and whole-hearted leaders as the start point for my career.


In July 2017, I needed to start a new stage of my life, I gathered the courage to accept a lot of "sacrifices" and came to Dongguan, a city thousands of miles away, to start an unfamiliar life. But with joining Milton, I became happier compared to when I first came to Dongguan. At Milton, all the work, communication, and difficulties were slowly sorted out step by step, and my daily life was gradually filled with full of achievement. Milton has witnessed my life entering a new stage and a new role! Yes, now I am part of “Miltonee”.




First line right 1 - Dalina, right 6 Louisa

第一行右 1 - Dalina,右 6 Louisa

2018 DG new office opening ceremony


Staff cloumns-02_Mesa de trabajo 1.png

2. What is the biggest gain in Milton?

After 4 and half years in Milton, I would like to thank the company for its unconditional trust and for giving me more opportunities to show my ability. At the same time, it also gave me the direction of my career. The trust and support that Milton gives me, also makes me feel proud. People often said that seeds can only grow stronger in a deep planted place with fertile soil. I think people are the same; only in a hard-working atmosphere will there be progress and prosperity. I am very proud to come to this fertile ground of Milton on this road of career development, and with its cultivation, trust of leaders, and help of colleagues, I can grow up.

2. 在万通多年最大收获是什么?



3. As the department head, what’s development direction in the future?

The Administration and Personnel Department(A&P ), as a supporting department of the company, not only provides a platform for the company's services but also provides lead and arranges all activities of the company. The A&P functions’ are directly related to the company's standardization process. However, this department is easily overlooked, the reason being that its work is mostly service-oriented, with no obvious quantifiable results in terms of work performance, and sometimes is even mistakenly considered optional.

However, as the head of the A&P department (regional), my ultimate goal is to do the best job of supporting, to ensure the stable and orderly operation of the company, and comprehensive coordination of all departments. Also, strengthen the internal and external connections of Milton, maintaining its corporate image, helping the company to establish a better personnel phenomenon and all-round personnel management of the company, and effectively transforming management resources into economic benefits.

3. 作为部门主管, 期望部门未来有什么发展?



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3. What is the biggest gain in Year X in Milton?

Guess what is the biggest achievement of my 22 years in Milton? I'm betting you have no ideas, let me reveal it myself! The biggest achievement is my “children”. Some of you might wonder, "Don't you have only one child?” Yes, my own son is a strong 17-year-old boy, but who is the other one? It is "Hong Kong Plastic". Today, both of my “children” are thriving, and they have taught me to live and learn, and to strive to do better each day than the day before. Also,  it is my message is for every Milton family member.

4. 在万通多年最大收获是什么?



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