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2021 Quarter 4 Newsletter 2021 年第 4 季度通讯

Logistics and Customer Service, Shanghai Offices

物流和客户服务部, 上海分部 

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As long as there is determination and action, we will achieve our goals.

1. ​What do you like most about Milton's culture and values?

This is the 12th year I joined Milton, and I like the core value of Milton is “Learning”.

From the first time, I joined the LOG department, to being involved in CS, procurement systems, and A&P as well. It is because of the trust and opportunity given by this platform - Milton that I can always keep my enthusiasm and initial intention of learning, which helped me to gain various knowledge in different fields to develop my strengths.

1. 你最喜欢万通文化和价值观中的哪一点?


I am involved in logistics and Customer Service (LOG&CS), and also part of the procurement and Administration and Personnel (A&P)  function in certain regions under Milton Group's administrative structure. I believe everyone has dreamed big and small; goals far and close. Using my dreams and goals as the motivation to move forward, upholding firm beliefs, while taking every step and doing everything well.


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2. What activities and hobbies do you have after work to adjust your life and relax work pressure?


Besides work, I like to travel, read books and listen to music to release pressure from work. As the ancient philosophy states "knowledge comes from books and from experience accumulation". Leaving my city to travel, enjoying the great nature, allow me to experience different cultures and people which can broaden their minds and increase knowledge. Travel also brings a lot of benefits towards work attitude, we can work much more productively with a joyful state of mind.

2. 在繁重的工作下,工余有什么活动和嗜好,去调剂生活和放松工作压力?



3. What is the biggest gain in Milton?

In daily work, we often encounter different types of cases. Sometimes we need to collaborate with colleagues across departments and regions, discussing and trying various methods together, expressing our own opinions and sharing experiences. Working with frontline colleagues to solve customer problems together. Being able to follow the corporate development path and growth of Milton, cooperate with colleagues and grow together is the biggest gain of my years in Milton.

3. 在万通多年最大收获是什么?


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