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2021 Quarter 4 Newsletter 2021 年第 4 季度通讯

Strategies Development, Shanghai Offices

策略发展部, 上海分部

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Live and learn, and strive to do better each day than the day before.

1. What coincidence made you start working in Milton?

On the eve of the Lunar New Year in 2000, I took the Express train for more than 20 hours to the famous Shanghai city with my Master's degree in Polymer from Tianjin Light Industry Institute (now Tianjin University Of Science & Technology) start looking for jobs. At the recruitment booth in Shanghai Talent Service Center, I was lucky enough to meet my boss - Bobby, who was still wearing black-rimmed glasses. He walked with style, was young, charming and very passionate. Since then, my career started at Milton, and it has been almost 22 years!

1. 什么机缘巧合让你开始进入万通工作?

2000年春节前夕,我怀揣着天津轻工业学院(现天津科技大学)高分子专业的硕士毕业证,坐着津沪列車用了20多小时到了繁华的魔都上海,加入了在沪找工作大军。我非常幸运,在上海人才服务中心的招聘展台上遇到了留着当时仍戴黑框眼镜的老板-Bobby。 他走路风风火火,年轻帅气且很有激情。从此,我的职业生涯就在万通开始,至今已经快22年。

Staff cloumns-02_Mesa de trabajo 1.png

2. What activities and hobbies do you have after work to adjust your life and relax work pressure?


Besides work, I like to spend time on jump rope, run, sing songs, make friends, travel, make Chinese dim sum and learn new things. I hope I can keep a young spirit and a healthy body to meet every day's challenges. Also, I hope my colleagues can taste my handmade Chinese dim sum.

2. 在繁重的工作下,工余有什么活动和嗜好,去调剂生活和放松工作压力?



3. Have you taken professional inspiration from other colleagues? Tell us a person who inspires you.

I remember when Bobby told me a story about how their two brothers started the company in the beginning. He said the company started with limited capital, they needed to spend money wisely, like save on warehousing, and visit customers as decently and efficiently as possible.


Therefore, the two brothers strive to buy in and sell out the materials on the same day, even after work, they still make cold calls. When going out for customer visiting, that they will bring an extra set of suits, for have a new one to change after an uninterrupted visiting at morning, and continue to visit more customers in the afternoon. They run the business during the day and go to night school at night in order to provide more professional services to customers. Since that, Milton's plastics material information database is gradually established. In addition, we strive to support our customers in technical aspects apart from sales. At the same time, we knew to customers' regularly demand materials, and become the forecaster of customers' procurement. In this way, we had effectively established a trusting relationship and long-term cooperation with our customers.


They are entrepreneurial history and spirit have always encouraged me. And those years at Milton, I have been following this spirit of perseverance to develop new customers, new projects, and to lead my team as well. Upper China(North China, East China, West China, and Central China) region starts with only 3 employees in Shanghai Office. But now, we are having offices across China (including Tianjin, Qingdao, Changchun, Wuhan, etc.), and over 30 employees. The sales volume of TPE for KRAIBURG TPE, which has the most special relationship with our company (Milton is its largest agent in Hong Kong and China, and is also one of the shareholders of its Chinese company and Malaysia plant), has exceeded 2,000 tons as of October this year.

3. 你有没有从其他同事那里汲取专业灵感? 告诉我们一个激励你的人







3. What is the biggest gain in Year X in Milton?

Guess what is the biggest achievement of my 22 years in Milton? I'm betting you have no ideas, let me reveal it myself! The biggest achievement is my “children”. Some of you might wonder, "Don't you have only one child?” Yes, my own son is a strong 17-year-old boy, but who is the other one? It is "Hong Kong Plastic". Today, both of my “children” are thriving, and they have taught me to live and learn, and to strive to do better each day than the day before. Also,  it is my message is for every Milton family member.

4. 在万通多年最大收获是什么?


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