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Milton Technologies is another successful outgrowth of our long-standing partnership with the KRAIBURG Holding GmbH of Germany – a well-respected producer of rubber and high-quality compound materials since 1947. The group member – Milton Technologies Ltd is mainly engaged in Hong Kong and Macau business. Hong Kong Relastec (Shanghai) Ltd. is responsible for the domestic market in China.
We are the exclusive distributor of KRAIBURG RELASTEC GmbH and GEZOLAN AG in China, Hong Kong and Macau for the high quality of products from Germany and EPDM granules from Switzerland for sports and recreational facilities, acoustic insulation solutions for building industry. 


As with all Milton Holdings companies, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop, all-inclusive sales and support organization. We work closely with architects and designers from private sector and government departments, such Hong Kong Architectural Services Department (ASD) and Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD). We provide “Total Solution”to assist, right from initial consultation through to final installation.

Our Business Units

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