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Dr. Bobby supports young people to pursue their dreams - Young Elite Aspiration Program

Young Elite Aspiration Program is organized by the Hong Kong Professionals And Senior Executives Association. Most of the participants are working class and students studying in various tertiary institutions. The plan is to invite elites from different industries, political and business celebrities to share with the participants, and to give participants the opportunity to visit large-scale infrastructure and large-scale enterprises between Hong Kong and Mainland so that they can broaden their horizons and care more about current social events.

The entire program was successfully concluded at the end of August after a half-year journey. Dr. Bobby Liu, Chief Executive Officer of Milton Group, was invited to be the mentor of this year's program. During the mentorship, Bobby actively provided advice to his group members and assisted them to complete the final presentation and win the championship award by encouraging those participants to pursue their dreams bravely and give full play to their strength.


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